Dairy Foods

Delicious, nutritious and locally produced, it’s nature’s magical single ingredient – milk! Not only is milk delicious on its own, but it is the main ingredient used to make all kinds of other delicious foods we love, such as butter, yogurt, cheese and ice cream. Dairy foods can have rich and creamy textures, as well as unique flavors that can range from mild to sharp, depending on the type of product. The versatility of dairy allows it to be incorporated into a wide variety of dishes, enhancing their taste and adding a comforting element. Dairy offers a great source of nutrients that are needed for a healthy diet across the lifespan. You can enjoy dairy in all different forms, like a cold milk with cookies, creamy cheese on a sandwich, or tangy yogurt in a smoothie.

Fact or Fiction? Know The Facts About Dairy

Think you know the truth about dairy? Let us help you bust some myths on nature’s favorite ingredient.

Dairy Foods in Oregon

Oregon is proud to boast award winning dairy foods from all across the state. From artisin cheese makers to ice cream and cream cheese, Oregon is recognized globally for exceptional quality and taste. Learn more about the great dairy foods on offer.

Need a Recipe Idea?

We’re excited to highlight a few of our favorite recipes for you! You’ll find recipes ranging from healthy to indulgent featuring local and sustainably-made dairy products that keeps everyone coming back for more. Check out more recipes and recipe videos on our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.