At Oregon Dairy Council, we aim to support educators to increase access to nutritious school meals, promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle and promote the inclusion of dairy foods as a form of sustainable nutritious for students of all ages. In schools and communities throughout Oregon, ODC and its many partners are actively involved with supporting quality education, active lifestyles and healthy communities. Reach out to us to find out how we’re supporting your schools and local community.

Fuel Up Program

The Fuel Up program is an initiative created by America’s dairy farmers to help meet the needs of schools across the country when it comes to fueling healthy bodies and minds. This program is focused on educators and students, in conjunction with partners like ODC, to make a difference in their schools and communities.

School Nutrition Professionals

Oregon Dairy Council supports school nutrition professionals to keep dairy on the plate and improve the dairy experience for students across the state. Whether it is support with grant funding for equipment, recipes and resources, or a farm tour, ODC is here to help.


Oregon Dairy Council is committed to supporting STEM education and bringing more nutrition and ag-science curriculum to schools across the state. You can start by signing your classroom up for the annual Adopt a Cow program or a virtual tour. Get in touch to learn more.

School and Summer Meals

Participating in USDA-compliant school meals and summer meal programs are a great way to help your child build nutritious routines and eat healthy food. Research tells us that eating breakfast is crucial for students to kickstart their energy for the day and support cognition. That is why we are doing our part to support schools across the state with options for breakfast that include nutritious and delicious dairy foods.