Oregon Dairy Farms

Dairy farming is much more than a job—it’s a way of life. Each and every day, farmers wake to care for their cows, look after our natural resources and contribute to their communities. They take great pride in providing a wholesome, high quality and safe product for their families and yours. Here in Oregon, we are proud to be home to over 140 Grade A dairies, sustainability award winners and a number or internationally recognized cheese makers who all help keep the milk flowing.

Oregon Dairy Farms & Farmers

Our farmers and farm families are committed to their cows and their communities. Across the state, farms work with their communities to upcycle food byproducts to feed cows, support local events and schools with farm tours, and consistently work to improve efficiencies and reduce environmental impacts.

Animal Care

Dairy farmers, regardless of farm size, are committed to ensuring high-quality care for their cows. Farms employ various housing methods, including free-stall barns and open lots, to allow cows freedom of movement and access to rest and feed. Additionally, farmers provide cooling systems and comfortable bedding to ensure cow comfort.

Sustainability Facts

Dairy farmers work diligently as environmental stewards through various practices. Implementation of sustainable farming techniques to optimize inputs like water and fertilize, a focus on soil health, and utilizing renewable energy sources like solar power and methane digesters to reduce their carbon footprint are just some of the ways dairy farmers are putting the planet first.

Farm Tours

Are you a farmer hosting tours, or an educator looking to take students to a local dairy farm? A farm tour is the most immersive experience to learn the facts about how a dairy farm operates.

Did You Know?